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How to Wear Jewelry - Casual to Formal

There is a great blog recently posted by Groupon that provides tips on how and when to wear jewelry. At HarpersLove, we design and sell pieces that should be able to go well with any occasion but jewelry alone is not an outfit. It should always add a little something to your look. In some cases, it can add a whole lot of something. We believe that a great investment in a piece of jewelry can go a long way with any outfit.

Here are three ways to take a formal piece of jewelry and wear it from day to night.

Jewelry: Gemstone Earrings - 3 Tier - Long

1. How to Wear Jewelry in the Day Time - Wear a ultra feminine Dress with 1 Piece of Jewelry - The Earrings Are The Statement.

1. Dress by Staud:

2. Dress sold on TKMAXX.COM

3. Custom Gemstone Earrings by

4. Shoes by UGC Raquel. sold on Zappos

5. Bag by Mark Cross Harley

2 How to Wear Jewelry to the Office - Suits may be a thing of the past, but classic, clean lined fashion is always a way to present at work. Add these earrings for a touch of color and sophistication. One piece of jewelry.

1. Outfit by Hugo Boss and Valentino

2. Outfit by Metisu and Escada

3. Custom Gemstone Earrings by

4. Bag by Strathberry

5. Shoes by Prada

3. How to Wear Jewelry to Cocktail or Dinner Parties - An evening out welcomes some bling but classic and funky can come together to make a statement piece stand out. Our three stone earrings added with a diamond rings and gold bangles showcase the fun.

The more complex the dress, keep it simple with a focus on earrings and a simple ring.

Last by not least, a dressed up shoe can serve as the final element of bling as well.

You have to feel comfortable in anything you put together.

Sneak Peak into these pieces:

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