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Jewelry Ideas to Celebrate Mom

This year, marks the official 10th Mother's Day that I will celebrate. I remember my first mother's day as a new mom and I felt like it was a new ritual that I would forever be linked to not as a daughter or daughter in law but as the rightful owner of this day. Being a mother is no longer a strange feeling that had embraced me for the first few years in role. It is second nature and something that I can not imagine not being.

When I launched HarpersLove, I did so because I wanted to be home with my little ones but I did not want to give up completely on my ambitions of a professional career. My career had been a corporate one and did not love me back the way my children do. I do not regret ever having closed that chapter to focus on the new ones that would lead me down the path I am on today. The question I ask myself is, can women have it all today? YES we can, I always am able to say.

Some women grew up knowing they wanted to be a mommy. Some women grew up knowing they wanted to break the glass ceiling and to do so meant they did not imagine raising a family. I think my generation believed it was one or the other and I am thankful that today, Mother's day is celebrated for women who can choose to stay home or conquer unchartered territories or do something in between.

My wish is that little girls see their moms as independent spirits, able to select what they want out of their life. At times, it can be difficult to walk the path that has been selected but the amazing thing is the path is open to be re-invented with twists and turns that can surprise us all. This Mother's Day, let us celebrate our moms, grandmothers and of course, ourselves. Let's raise a toast to every mother out there; her ambitions, her true desires and the love she shines upon her children.

Here are my 3 recommendations for celebrating Mom this year

Subscription Box - Give her a 3 Month Subscription that she can be delighted by.

Monogram Jewelry - Anything monogram is a classic and something she can wear for a long time

Disc Jewelry - Embrace layers with disc and tag jewelry. Add initials, names , birthstones to personalize each layer

Wishing you a Blissful Mother's Day! Michelle Mullman CEO, Founder HarpersLove

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