Red is Strong and Fierce

There are certain pieces in your #wardrobe or in your past wardrobe that bring back memories and for me, my red pencil skirt that I purchased from the French Connection store in #Soho is one piece I will always remember. It was a big purchase for me at the time because living in #NYC was not cheap. Spending $150 on a #skirt was a bit of an extravagance for me. When I saw it and tried it on, I knew it was a must have. Over the years, I wore it to work and happy hour events. My #power outfit included my black high boots and a black turtleneck that I took from my mother's collection. (still own it). It made for the perfect outfit when I was feeling #confident.

#Red is more than a color, it is a symbol of strength and I personally believe that to wear it, you have to feel really good about yourself. It is not a color that can be taken for granted. It screams, "strength", "confidence", "power" ..... naturally, we wear it when we need to make a statement. Today, I am hard pressed to think of anything in my wardrobe that is red. I feel way more powerful and confident than I did in my 20's but somehow, I forgot that this is my true color.

We are living in interesting times, aren't we? The ladies are standing up against all the injustices that they have been dealing with. Kids are rising up and leading the way when no one else will. I think this color Red is not just a fashion statement but clearly it needs to be the new color statement of the season.

Be Strong. Wear Red and power through the things that challenge you. You are strong!!

I have some shopping to do.

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