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Top 5 Style Refresh Inspiration

Spring is upon us and this time of year reminds us that something new is around the corner. Whether you are looking forward to a spring wardrobe, warm weather or new projects, there is something to be said about getting ready for something new. If you need some warm weather inspiration, here is what is topping our list at the moment.

1. HarpersLove Evil Eye Pendant 2. Art 3. White Jeans 4. Palm Trees 5. Bangles

#1. White Jeans

HarpersLove is located in Naples FL and everywhere we go, white jeans are the uniform of choice for chic women. Dress it up for work or dress it down for brunch and shopping.

We recommend a pair that has elastic technology which is a but more pricey but you can make this a super affordable style choice by shopping stores like Old Nav. Make an investment with these and you will not be disappointed.

#2. Bangles/Bracelets

Warm weather means your hands are free to express themselves. We all have a style preference and at HarpersLove we tend to be simple but we love a bold women who can wear a collection of arm candy at the same time. What is your style? Shop simple and personalized pieces and layer with these bolder pieces that we love.

#3. Style Boxes

Don't have time to shop or when you do, it is lean towards the same styles? A Style Box is a great way to get introduced to new brands and have companies do the shopping for you. Every style box has their own twist on the experience so pay attention to how much the monthly fee is and what happens if you keep the items or return them. These boxes are customized for everyone, kids too!

At HarpersLove, we just introduced our jewelry box which is a great way to treat yourself with something personalized. We ask you to tell us a little about yourself and then you are mailed a personalized piece of jewelry that you keep for good. Our pricing is as low as $34.99 a month.

Check it out!

One of first customers receives a box. Check it out!

#4. Palm Trees

Just look at these pretty pictures. Inspired yet? Palm Trees are chic and exude elegance. It is also nature's way of saying, "vacation please".

#5. Wild Art

Warm weather means lots of color and these artists know how to bring it.

Yayoi Kusama, Queen of the Dots

Matt Moore Graphics

Instagram Goodness


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